Today, I took a different path to get to a neighborhood that I frequent, but the view was different, the road was different, yet it led me to the same place. ┬áThis time, I crossed the street and discovered a gem of a coffee shop that I never knew about, even though, it was literally, right across the street from where I’ve spent 2 years going to.

I went to a different church, closer to home, and was hit with a message that has been an ingredient that I needed for what’s been cooking in my heart for a few weeks. It’s such an eye opening experience when you can see God work in your life, right before your very eyes. He’s been leading me to a community of believers in which my walk grows even stronger. And in my walk, I am learning what I want more of, diving in deeper, reading more, learning more.

I’ve spent hours in conversation, being in fellowship and exploring God’s love and my world opens up even wider. As this happens, I begin to let go of old routines and new practices begin to make a path in my day.

My 2 paths are fitness (I’ve been working out 2-3 times a week with a trainer and an amazing group of other fitness minded people) and faith. These 2 paths really go right alongside each other as often, I have had wonderful fellowship with my new fitness friends.

Brandi Shigley, thoughts about God
A photo from my little oasis where I talk to God and where I listen.

I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night a few times this week, my heart yearning to learn more, and then in the course of the next day, somebody came alongside of me in a conversation that aligned with what my heart was needing. God is amazing that way, when we can be quiet enough to listen.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our day to day grind that we easily close a door to a conversation that can be so powerful. I’m grateful that I’ve had the nudge to stop and listen a little bit longer.